We recommend you set up a Kali linux virtual machine to do CTF challenges in as kali has most of the tools you will need already installed. To set this up follow these steps:

  1. Download and install VirtualBox
  2. Download the Kali Linux OVA
    • Torrenting this may speed up your download; to download a torrent you need a bittorrent client. Qbittorrent or Transmission are good free bittorrent clients.
  3. Open VirtualBox
  4. Press the “import” button in the top bar
  5. In the popup select the downloaded Kali Linux OVA file
  6. Press continue and agree to the terms
  7. Press start to launch your VM
    • The default login credentials are username: kali password: kali


Presentations 2022

No Topic Date Files
10 Steganography 30/11/22 pdf
8 Cross-Site Scripting 16/11/22 pdf
4 Privilege Escalation 19/10/22 pdf
3 Command Injection 12/10/22 pdf
1 Welcome session 28/09/22 pdf

Presentations 2021

No Topic Date Files
14 Big Hak Preppers 16/03/22 pdf
13 Reverse engineering + Cracking 02/03/22 pdf demo files
12 Wireless Attacks 16/02/22 pdf
11 Binary Exploitation 09/02/22 pdf demo files
10 Log4Shell 02/02/22 pdf
9 Memory Forensics 01/12/21 pdf
8 CTF things 17/11/21 pdf
7 Digital forensics 10/11/21 pdf
6 LFI + SSTI + SSRF + Prototype pollution 03/11/21 pdf
5 Password authentication and best practices 27/10/21 pdf
4 Linux essentials + PrivEsc 20/10/21 pdf
3 SQLi + XSS 13/10/21 pdf
2 Kali Setup + Command Injection 06/10/21 pdf
1 OSINT + Crypto 29/09/21 pdf

Presentations 2020

No Topic Date Youtube
6 Binary N/A YouTube
5 Web Apps N/A YouTube
4 Wireshark N/A YouTube
3 OSINT 07/10/20 YouTube
2 CTF Setup 14/10/20 YouTube
1 Introduction to reverse engineering 21/10/20 YouTube

Presentations 2019

Topic Date Powerpoint Pdf
Fresher’s session 25/09/19 pptx pdf
Web exploitation 02/10/19 pptx pdf
Networking and Forensics 09/10/19 pptx pdf
Reverse Engineering 16/10/19 pptx pdf
CTF Fundamentals 23/10/19 pptx pdf

Learning resources

Description Link
Gamified learning platform Immersive Labs
Cyber security MOOCs Cybrary
Web security training with burp suite WSA by PortSwigger
Intro to security Cyber Aces by SANS
Game related hacking (Req: knowledge of C/C++) GuidedHacking
InfoSec livestreams list InfoSecstreams
Exploit cheat sheet HackTricks

InfoSec youtubers

Vulnerable boxes / CTFs

Description Link
Security related wargames Over The Wire
Educational VMs and CTFs Try Hack Me
Download vulnerable VMs Vuln Hub
Vulnerable VMs hosted online Hack The Box
CTF calendar CTF Time
CTFs - Qualifiers for Defcon ctfs Defcon CTFs
Cryptography challenges Cryptopals
RE challenges IO Wargame
RE challenges by FireEye FlareOn CTFs

Other Fun Tools

Category Description Tools
Networks A network packet sniffer/analyser Wireshark
Debugger x86 debugger OllyDbg
Reverse Engineering NSA RE tool .text fix Ghidra
Disassembler X IDApro (Freeware)
Disassembler X IDApro (Evaluation)
Decompiler Java decompiler JD-GUI
Decompiler python decompiler Uncompyle2
Web App Web pen testing framework Burp Suite
AutoRecon Automatically scan services with an array of pentesting tools AutoRecon