Description Download
Torrent Client Qbittorrent
VM Images Default Login: kali Password: kali Kali Linux virtualbox image
A hypervisor Virtualbox

Presentations 2020

Topic Date Youtube
OSINT 07/10/20 YouTube
CTF Setup 14/10/20 YouTube
Introduction to reverse engineering 21/10/20 YouTube

Presentations 2019

Topic Date Powerpoint Pdf
Fresher’s session 25/09/19 pptx pdf
Web exploitation 02/10/19 pptx pdf
Networking and Forensics 09/10/19 pptx pdf
Reverse Engineering 16/10/19 pptx pdf
CTF Fundamentals 23/10/19 pptx pdf

Other Fun Tools

Category Description Tools
Networks A network packet sniffer/analyser Wireshark
Debugger x86 debugger OllyDbg
Reverse Engineering NSA RE tool .text fix Ghidra
Disassembler X IDApro (Freeware)
Disassembler X IDApro (Evaluation)
Decompiler Java decompiler JD-GUI
Decompiler python decompiler Uncompyle2
Web App Web pen testing framework Burp Suite

Learning resources (FREE)

Description Link
Gamified learning platform Immersive Labs
Cyber security MOOCs Cybrary
Web security training with burp suite WSA by PortSwigger
Intro to security Cyber Aces by SANS
Teaches different pen testing techniques The Cyber Mentor
HTB walkthroughs IppSec
YouTuber who will teach you how to think in Cyber Sec LiveOverflow

Vulnerable boxes / CTFs

Description Link
Security related wargames Over The Wire
Educational VMs and CTFs Try Hack Me
Download vulnerable VMs Vuln Hub
Vulnerable VMs hosted online Hack The Box
CTF calendar CTF Time
CTFs - Qualifiers for Defcon ctfs Defcon CTFs
Cryptography challenges Cryptopals
RE challenges IO Wargame
RE challenges by FireEye FlareOn CTFs